In the early 2000’s the talk was of LPG and how this would change the car market.  Time shows that this was not the case as we moved at a similar time to Electric/Hybrid vehicles.  Toyota led the way with the Prius along with Honda and its Insight and now most manufacturers have some form of Hybrid to offer you.

As always with technology it changes very rapidly and could we now be seeing the next game changer?  Hydrogen Cell Technology. Both Hyundai and Toyota have brought vehicles to the market in America and what catches the eye are the reports on the Toyota Mirai.

Driven by the aforementioned Hydrogen Cell Technology the vehicle takes approximately 5 minutes to fuel and has a range of approximately 300 miles, in comparison to the range from a fully charged electric vehicle this would give you nearly 200 miles more, apart from the Tesla which can give approx. 240 miles dependent on variant. The thing here is that the car is powered by Hydrogen, how expensive can that be as it is sourced from water, and the emissions are just that, water.  Hence it is extremely green and will of course have positive implications for your BIK Tax if you are a company driver.

The above image is the vehicle as it is currently being offered in America and we would be the first to agree it is not the best looking vehicle we have ever seen but we are told that the technology can be fitted to any particular chassis/frame so what actually comes to the UK may be very different.

As always with these things the technology can only improve but as always whilst the technology is available and up and running elsewhere it will take time to arrive is the UK, although rumour has it that Hyundai are currently running ix35 trial in the country with one of their partners.