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Liquid Associates Limited is a specialist company whose aim is to take the stress away from organising, sourcing and funding vehicles for business use.
With many years experience in the business/fleet car market we know that time is money, and in the current climate both are shorter than ever.
Based in Carlisle in Cumbria we pride ourselves in helping local business and individuals save money on new car deals.

What We Can Do For You

Contract Hire/Leasing a Car/Commercial Vehicle
Looking to Lease a vehicle for personal use or as a company car- give us a try!
We now offer our very own long term Rental Product- specifically for new start companies or where the mainstream lenders say NO. We look at each case individually.
We deal with the largest Funders and Fleet buyers in the UK, that means you benefit from their buying power here in Carlisle, Cumbria and the North West.
On a Corporate level we offer full Accident Management services and Insurance Claim Facilitation.
From a Flagship executive saloon to a fleet of car derived vans we can find them quicker and with less hassle than cumbersome dealerships. With hundreds of customers having benefited from our experience in the funding and sourcing market place there is every chance we can find what you’re looking for at a lesser cost than you expected. Contact Us today at Liquid Associates for more information on we can help you to get the vehicle you are looking for at the best possible price. You can also complete our online form to give us as much information on the kind of deal that you are looking for. Once complete we will be back in touch with you to discuss your options.

Our Specialist Areas

  • Business Hire

  • Personal Hire

  • Hire Purchase

  • Finance Lease

Our Services

Some companies prefer to acquire their new vehicles by buying them outright rather than through a traditional funding method e.g. Car Leasing and Contract Hire. Many fleet supply companies can’t offer an outright purchase option.
In Cumbria this seems to be one of the most popular ways to acquire vehicles – NOT ALL SUPPLY COMPANIES CAN OFFER THIS OPTION – WE CAN!

If you are looking for a new car, either for your business or for yourself then give us a call
Liquid Associates Limited can offer outright purchase prices on ALL brands, why not contact us for your bespoke quote to supply on an outright cash basis?

Perfect for company cars 

Liquid Associates, based in Carlisle in Cumbria, can assist you in car sourcing and setting up the business contract hire agreement that suits you.

There are many advantages to business contract hire, which is now the most popular way into hire a business vehicle. By using an experienced leasing company, the business can take advantage of this experience in order to get the best contract hire rates possible.

However, arguably, the greatest advantage to vehicle leasing is that it offers low, fixed monthly payments (based on various factors including the intended mileage, the type of vehicle, mileage and its purchase price) and a low initial outlay, often requiring only three payments upfront. It also provides a “one stop shop” in that for an additional cost every month, the business contract hire company will deal with all matters relating to the car, such as servicing and maintenance.

Another advantage worth considering is the flexibility that business contract hire provides. If the staffing of the company changes, it is easier to adapt to this when involved in a contract hire agreement than through other methods. This is due to the shorter length of contract hire agreement and this flexibility allows companies to switch to greener models more frequently if this is a priority for them.

Contact us now for bespoke help in sourcing your new Car Lease/Business Contract Hire Vehicle.

Are you looking to hire your new vehicle on a lease agreement? If so we can help you.

Contract hire as it is the most common form of vehicle leasing agreement. Contract hire involves taking control of a car for an agreed length of time. You are able to use the car but you will not own it. You will agree to make regular monthly payments to the vehicle leasing company to for the length of the agreement. We have supplied Personal Contract Hire vehicles throughout Carlisle and the North West.

At the end of this agreement, you return the car to the contract hire company. If you are looking to buy a car and you are wondering what car would be suitable our team can assist you with vehicle sourcing and setting up the contract hire agreement that suits you – we specialise in both business contract vehicle hire and personal contract vehicle hire.

Is contract hire the right choice for me?
If you do not want the hassle of selling or trading a car in when you no longer need it, contract hire may be for you. You can simply return the car at the end of the agreement and drive a new one every few years. You can not, however, purchase the car should you wish to – although some funders will offer that option. If you would like this option, personal contract purchase (PCP) may be for you- please contact us. Many contract hire agreements also include maintenance, which means that all you are responsible for is fuel, insurance (fully comprehensive) and tyres can be included in the agreement for additional cost. Contract hire also helps individuals to budget – the fact that many of the costs of motoring are included in the fixed monthly amount you pay the contract hire company. If you cover higher mileages depreciation, will be high. This will lead to higher monthly payments. Additional charges will also apply if you exceed the mileage limit. However, if you travel less than you perhaps anticipated, you will be paying for a higher mileage than necessary.

How much will contract hire cost me?

This is very dependent on the market at the time (rates will be fixed during your rental period)- Very often the more prestigious vehicle the better is residual value  eg the lower its depreciation- so we always recommend the best deal for the money you have to spend.  Why have a Mondeo when a Mercedes costs you less?

If you have any questions or would like more information on our Personal Contract hire agreement then please contact us at Liquid Associates today.

Vehicle Hire purchase is ideal individual looking for a new car.

With an agreed deposit (which can be as low as nothing) the customer simply borrows the money to purchase the vehicle over an agreed period (usually 36-60 months) of time and rate of interest. At the end of the agreement the individual owns the vehicle.

Unlike Contract hire agreements the client can sell the vehicle during the period of the agreement subject to settling any outstanding finance. Subject to underwriting, the client can borrow the whole or a proportion of the amount.

With Hire Purchase the borrowings are against the vehicle, unlike a personal loan which is not attached to the asset but to the individual.

We have specialist funders who can help with finance for those clients who have adverse credit, new start companies and the Taxi/Private hire market.

Contact us at Liquid Associates today for a bespoke HP quote on the vehicle of your choice.

If you are looking to buy company cars and you are wondering what company cars would be suitable we can assist you in car sourcing and setting up the finance lease agreement that suits you.

What is a finance lease?
The vehicle is hired out to a business whilst remaining the property of the finance company. The business can then use this asset in exchange for paying a rental rather than a repayment. This is often favoured by VAT registered companies but can also be used by sole traders and partnerships.

The renter will have sole use of the car during the period of the agreement and at the end of the finance lease agreement, the finance company will sell the vehicle to a third party. If the vehicle sells for a value above the balloon payment, the finance company will refund a percentage of the profits back to the hirer.

However, if the sale price is below the balloon payment then the hirer will be liable to make a further payment to the finance company. The hirer may be able to extend the finance lease with a further agreement.

Contact us at Liquid Associates for bespoke quotations on specific vehicles.

Is a finance lease the right choice for me?
There are many reasons that a finance lease may be suitable for you. Up to 50% of the VAT payments on a finance lease can be reclaimed and hire rental tax allowances can be applied for. Finance leases have low monthly costs and initial outlay, making them extremely attractive to many businesses, especially those that require a fleet of the latest vehicles.

In financial terms, a finance lease appears as an asset on the balance sheet and any outstanding rental costs appear as a liability. There is a lot of flexibility in how a finance lease can be set up. It is possible to have a low monthly rental with a balloon payment at the end or pay every month in equal instalments. Therefore, it can suit different circumstances.

However, the hirer is responsible for the administration of the vehicle for example the road fund licence. In addition, similarly to contract hire, the renter will never own the vehicle. In the case of finance leasing, this car will be sold to a third party. Liquid Associates always shop around for the best interest rates and keep an eye out for hidden fees from the finance lease company.

How much will a finance lease cost me?
The cost of a finance lease is based on various factors, namely, the initial cost of the vehicle, the period that the lease has been taken out for, the residual value of the vehicle and the final balloon payment. The finance lease company may insist that the renter stays within the mileage limits previously agreed as the residual value of the vehicle is used to calculate the monthly rental.

We can also offer our services in these areas

We Offer a Complimentary Fleet Health Check Service

Many Small and medium sized enterprises don’t employ a specialist fleet manager – often this forms part of someone else’s role. This is usually more of a pain than a pleasure which comes around as and when. Why not let us look at your situation and help you to improve your current fleet situation?

We have help numerous Cumbrian businesses save £££’s.

We can help you make the most of your budget, help avoid excess mileage charges and make sure you make the most of your current fleet. We are truly independent and hold no loyalty to any brand or funder – we look for the best deal, the best specification and the best rate for your company.

Often vehicles come to end of contract or end of life and put companies under pressure to buy the first deal they see – we can help you plan your changes and make sure you get the vehicle YOU need to do the job YOU need it to do at a price to suit YOU.

We can offer advice on Taxation, fuel card services, DVLA driving license checks and service Plans.

Contact us via email today or call us direct 01228 406387 for independent, sensible and straight talking advice.

Should I have a company car or a car allowance?

Many companies provide employees with both options of a Company Car or Car Allowance. Which one would suit you? Let us help you to make the best decision based on your individual circumstances.

Is the company car scheme the right choice for me?
There are many reasons that this may be suitable for you. For example, the company will pay for the majority of repairs and pay the majority of the day to day motoring costs, often offering fuel benefits also.

However, one of the most attractive features of a company car scheme are that you will not own the car and will therefore not suffer any depreciation costs (a new car that is well maintained will lose up to 50% of its value in the first three years) and because of this, you will not have to pay out a large amount of money to purchase a car. The car will be likely to be replaced every few years by a newer one, which will allow the driver to avoid costs as the car begins to show ‘wear and tear’.

However, the main disadvantage of this scheme is that the employee will be taxed on this as a taxable benefit. In previous years, the company car owners paid tax depending on the number of business miles driven each year. However, since 2002, the criterion that has decided the tax rate depends on the quantity of carbon dioxide emissions from the car. The greener the car, the less tax you pay!

Liquid Associates can help you source your company cars, from a single car to a whole fleet.

Contact us for help or advice on your Company Car Allowance.

How much will I be taxed?
If your company provides you with free fuel in your company car, you may still be liable for a tax charge and possibly NI contributions. The tax rate depends on various different factors such as the rate of income tax, which depends on your earnings. In addition, the retail price of the car plus any extras (up to the total value of £80,000) will affect the rate of tax payable. If you have contributed personal money towards the car, it will be taken into consideration.

The CO2 rate of the vehicle will also be relevant. This information can be found in the car’s V5 document. There is a 15% charge on cars with emissions of less than 145 g/km and a 1% increase for every 5g/km after this (up to a maximum of 35% for those with emissions of more than 240 g/km). The fuel type will also have a bearing with regards to how much company car tax will be payable. Whilst diesel has lower levels of CO2 emissions than a petrol equivalent, the driver of a diesel company car will pay a higher level of company car tax due to its toxic emissions.

In order to reduce the level of company car tax you pay, it may be worth fitting an LPG converter to your company car (only if your company owns the car though). Alternatively, there is the option of considering a hybrid or electrical car. The most environmentally friendly of these do not attract any company car tax. Refer to the Inland Revenue for further information on the level of car tax attached to each type of vehicle.

An alternative is to use an LPG converter on your vehicle to reduce emissions – of course this can only be carried out if your company owns the vehicle, and not if they are leasing a car.

Is a car allowance the right choice for me?
The car allowance involves driving your own car for work purposes instead of a company car and receiving a mileage rate from your employer. This mileage rate is obtained from the Inland Revenue and is known as the Inland Revenue Authorised Mileage Rate (IRAMR). This allowance is tax free and is 45p/mile for the first 10,000 miles and 25p/mile thereafter, irrespective of the type of vehicle you are driving.

So then – a company car or a car allowance?
This decision will be based on your own personal circumstances. In order to decide on the best option for you, consider the monthly car allowance being provided to you by your employer. From this, take off any NI contributions and tax and add on the tax saving from not having a company car. Also consider the cost of the company car, including costs such as insurance, repairs and depreciation and the fuel benefit offered by your employer on your company car.

Whilst saving money is obviously an important factor, it is perhaps worth considering whether you wish to own your own car, in which case, the company car allowance would be the preferred route or whether you prefer to drive a company car in order to avoid the depreciation costs.

Whichever option you decide on, Liquid Associates can assist you with your choice and finding a vehicle that suits your requirements.

Contact us at Liquid Associates today for more help or advice on your Company Car Allowance.

Vehicle Funding for New Start Ups and Self Employed

If you are a new “start up” company or are self-employed, finding a funder for a vehicle for your business vehicles can be near impossible. Most of the mainstream Contract Hire Lenders are looking for a minimum of two years audited trading accounts- at least, if you don’t have them (no matter how successful the business has been in its first 12-18 months) the computer will say NO…

It’s a similar story if you are in an industry which is deemed “High Risk” or your vehicle is being used for Hire and Reward EG as a Taxi- the Contract Hire Funders will come back as a decline. This can leave a business in the position of either running old vehicles on their fleet- which doesn’t always have the desired appearance to your potential clients- or leaves the business owner to try and self fund- again with self employment and generally (for taxation purposes) low incomes, this can be problematical.

Liquid Associates in Carlisle are able to offer lending to individuals or companies who fall into the groups above, with lenders who will look at each case on its merits, and DON’T let the computer make our decisions for us.

Contact us now to discuss your individual requirements.

Accident Management Services

Liquid Associates Limited is a specialist claims handler for insurance companies across the UK. We have dedicated partners for:
1) Sourcing the most competitive repair rates for damaged vehicles
2) Supplying hire cars whilst damaged cars are either repaired or replaced
3) Replacing total-loss cars with like-for-like vehicles

If you have had an accident, please contact us – or ask your insurance company – to see how we could help.
Your insurance company may already have an agreement with us and in our experience talking to us could result in your replacement vehicle being abetter spec than the one you have written-off.

We take the stress away from dealing with your claim